Alex Kosenko is a traveling Artist from Brisbane, Australia and his music is driven from his love of traveling and performing.

In 2016 Alex released a 4 track EP out named “Keep On Keeping On” and with that hype he made his way back into the studio to record and release his 11 Track LP entitled “Time for Change” in his senior year of high school.

Since then he has performed countless shows over the Queensland and New South Wales Region including Sea Shepherd Ocean Defence Day, Cooly Rocks On, Redcliffe Festival of Sails, Australia Day on Bribie Island, Generate Music Festival, Redcliffe Hills Carnival, Redcliffe Food and Wine Fest, Rocking for Bushfire Relief and Many More.

At the end of 2019 Alex performed along side some big names including Russell Morris, Spectrum, Jon Stevens and Matt Taylor at VetRock in Melbourne, VIC. In 2020 Alex was able to tour to Mackay even in the midst of Covid and record a new set of tracks to be released in 2021.

Alex now has his sound well sealed into the Brisbane Blues and Roots scene. His sound is a unique blend of Folky Blues and Roots accompanied by his inventive electric sound. Fuse this with his dynamic live shows and high energy performances that leave the audiences fully immersed.


Listening to the new single from Alex Kosenko ‘After You’ my immediate thoughts where this kid would not have been out of place at Woodstock. ‘After You’ is a fusion of genre’s with elements of the blues and rock combined. A slow tempo track that builds and carries sentimental lyrics. A heartfelt ballad with some great guitar sounds and blues harmonica to help stir the emotions. Still in his teenage years with many years of playing acoustic shows Alex has found a beautiful way to express through his music and this single is no different. Combining many styles of music that can be heard throughout the track. The skills of being a multi instrumentalist has bought about a single that urges the listener to follow a journey through his music and lyrics. A big future ahead if he keeps releasing music like this. MMK Music Promotions - 2019